A Disgruntled Bookie Just Spilled The Beans...

Decrease Your Bet Searching Time by Up To 80% ...
Without Changing A Single Day-to-Day Operation”

Dear Matched Betting Enthusiast,

Did you ever get into that “betting mood”, and have 5, 10, or even 20 offers you needed to compare? And which bet has the best chance of getting you returns?

We all have!

You know the winning offer is in there, but you have to spend time SEARCHING bets for each one.

Five websites, an excel doc, a calculator, and fifteen minutes later, you finally find your first bet…and it may or may NOT even hit a free bet refund!

What a time-sucker!

There’s ZERO question that you can make a nice profit each month by following the offers on the Profit Maximiser site. Thousands of matched bettors are proving that every day.

But let’s be REAL, here

You Simply Don’t Have The Time To Waste 15 Minutes Every Time You Search For A Single Bet!

And with only a limited amount of precious free time in your day, you shouldn’t have to...

You’re discouraged.

Your wife or girlfriend is pissed at you because you’re searching for bets for HOURS.

You may even sit around on the Profit Maximiser Facebook Group “hoping” another member posts a bet they've found so you don't need to bother...

All you want to do is figure out which bets are going to give the biggest profit.

Trust me, I understand…

Now, I know that you just recently picked up a copy of my Profit Maximiser… And I’d like to ask:

How is that going for you?

Are you enjoying the training? Have you been able to get with your bookmaker and place any bets?

More importantly:

How confident are you in the bets that you are placing?

It’s EASY to be unsure of yourself. You have to:

X Have several windows opening manually comparing bookmaker odds to the Betfair lay odds, comparing hundreds of different markets in the hope you will find a close odds match,

X Triple-check multiple websites to make sure you get what it is that you are doing,

X Compare multiple offers,

X Conduct numerous calculations, (and HOPE you didn't select stake not returned on the calculator when it should have been a qualifier…)

One small error may quickly muck up your day!

Imagine one small error in judgement or calculations (such as selecting stake returned free bet when it should have been a stake not returned) costing you hundreds, even thousands of pounds…

Thankfully, that WON’T happen to you.

There is a simple solution to manage ALL of your bets

...WITHOUT wasting hours each day searching for bets,

...WITHOUT getting frustrated or overwhelmed,

...and WITHOUT making any ERRORS!

This solution rivals ANY other betting software you’ll EVER find online -

Not only does this software save you 10 to 15 minutes with each bet you search for (up to 1 to 2 hours PER DAY), but

It takes the guesswork out, and instills 100% confidence in what you are doing.

With this Software, you’ll never “WONDER” if you are making the right betting decision...(We call that “cross-your-fingers” betting, and it is risky and dangerous to your betting bank.)

Thanks to this easy-to-use system, you’ll confidently move forward with your bookmaker, KNOWING that you are placing the right bet.

But the best part of the system?
You can turn 2 hours of searching for bets into just 30 seconds….

Yes - it IS that simple.

And yes - it DOES save that much time…

In fact, the Software will compare hundreds of bets instantly, and will flag up the best bets straight away without the need for scouring different sites.

With Our Matched Betting Software, It’s Literally THIS Simple...

The system’s automated algorithm and APIs compare, formulate, and calculate the winning odds of a particular offer instantly in REAL TIME.

Instead of taking upwards of HOURS to search and compare your back and lay bets, we can do it in mere MINUTES…

...And, it updates quickly, so you’re never left behind.

I call this revolutionary system the Profit Maximiser - Matched Betting Software

Here’s HOW The Match Betting Software Can Save You HOURS Every Day!

Upgrade your Profit Maximiser software today, and gain instant access to these critical time-saving features:

You’ll be able to:

Quickly Open Up ANY Offer On The Profit Maximiser Site.

Simply tap a bookmaker’s offer or calendar event, and the odds and information for that particular offer will be directly shown underneath. NO searching needed!

Open a calendar event, and the software shows only the EXACT odds for that offer and nothing else.

The odds will be within the bookmakers terms (e.g. if the minimum odds are 1.5 or above)

Access EVERYTHING Conveniently On ONE Easy-To-Use Page -

The offer, how to place the bet, and updating info on the odds….ALL of it.

Unlike other out-dated softwares, you don’t have to frustratingly search for bets by typing in event names or markets (although this is still a filter option if you want).

It’s ALL there and DONE-FOR-YOU, so you don’t have to go from website to website, searching for all of the necessary information.

Betfair Alliance Software

Place your Betfair lay bets directly within the software without ever having to open up Betfair.

Secure the best lay odds effortlessly with a single click of your mouse.

The Alliance Software has been approved by the Betfair API team.

Access ALL sports offers, not just horse racing and football.

Easily find back and lay odds matches in different sports including greyhounds, golf , snooker, cricket, etc... (I mean ANY market they are offering odds for).

The image above is showing bets on American Football.

Narrow Your Options With A Custom Search Filter!

Quickly search the odds database for any bet you want!

Filter bets by team names, match names, competition names, start time with as many different bookmakers as you want.

Choose any sport you want to search right down to the specific bet type (e.g. correct score market bets only).

Gain Instant Access To ITV Racing Software

This is specially designed software for ITV racing offers (but is now used for ALL the horse racing offers.) This includes:

Multiple Race Dashboard Display - Quickly & easily toggle between several races for fast-checking all of your bets.

Up-To-The-Minute “Red-Hot” Odds - Software auto-refreshes quickly so you’ll never miss a good opportunity.

Criteria Alarm - As odds update, an alarm will sound when a bet that meets your criteria populates. You can be doing other tasks/activities, and it finds and notifies you with the EXACT bet opportunities you want.

All Odds Update Right Up Until
The Start Time Of The Race...

...unlike inferior rival products that stop updating 15 minutes before the race starts as they can’t keep up with the odds movements.

HOT TIP: You can snag the best odds matches in the final 10 minutes before the off and the software will keep up with Betfair odds change!

All Bets Are Quickly Calculated For You
With ONE Click Of A Button.

Enter your default stake and commission and it will automatically tell you the correct lay stake with just one click. Doesn’t get easier than that...

This revolutionary system contains all information on one screen including:

  • Bookmaker
  • Horse name
  • Bookmaker odds
  • Betfair lay odds
  • Betfair liquidity
  • Number of runners

This software has been specifically designed and optimised so you get the best results possible with the horse racing offers.

These features alone will save you HOURS of unnecessary time searching for bets.

But there’s more...

Gain A Serious Edge With 3 Crucial BONUSES when you upgrade TODAY!

Inplay Odds Software

This software shows you the bets to place on any particular inplay bookmaker offer that’s taking place.

As inplay odds move very quickly, this software updates with odds quickly.

It starts as soon as the game starts and goes right through to the end of the game.

If you like placing your bets at half time when the odds are stable, that is perfect as the odds will also be shown for you then!

Do you scramble to get your bet in when the odds are moving up & down so quickly?

That frustration doesn’t exist with this NEW software.

The software compares ALL markets and displays the bets rapidly (Try doing that manually!)

If there are multiple inplay offers with different bookmakers, the software will display bets for all of them and you can move between the different ones so you don’t miss any opportunities.

The odds auto refresh and an alarm will sound once a bet that meets your criteria is found meaning you can be doing something else whilst waiting for that high value bet to appear. Once it does, an alarm will go off and you can take advantage.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll never have to be glued to the screen manually comparing “hoping” you’ll find a good opportunity.

matched betting & arbitrage software

This software covers 90 different bookmakers, you can choose any combination of bookmakers / sports / bet types / min & max odds.

This is ideal for quickly searching for odds matches for your free bets or any invite only qualifying bets.

It also contains arbitrage bets, I include a case study were I made £140.63 in 3 hours which you could try and replicate.

Dutching software

This software also has over 90 different bookmakers!

Choose any combination of bookmakers / sports / bet types / min & max odds.

Whilst betting exchange commission EATS into your profit, the dutching software is perfect for grinding through offers with large rollover requirements so there is no betting exchange commission to pay!

You Can Even Use The Software “On-The-Fly”
Because It’s Mobile Friendly!

Find any bet, from anywhere...

The Matched Betting Software integrates SEAMLESSLY with the main betting exchanges – Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook or Betdaq.

Searching for bets NEVER has to hold up your day!

On the road?

Out to a restaurant?

Can’t get away from the office?

Just a few finger-taps on your mobile device, and you can search multiple offers, calculate odds, and PLACE YOUR BETS - in LESS time than it takes to make a cup of coffee!

Both Profit Maximiser and the companion Matched Betting Software come with a full training suite (available IMMEDIATELY and ONLINE ACCESS ENABLED) so you know exactly how to use it to make the best use of your new online betting software.

You won’t find a better DONE-FOR-YOU software on the market.

Our main competitors who charge MORE only cover basic football and horse racing markets with slow odds updates every 3 - 5 minutes.

Good Luck Making a Profit Each Month Using Their Out-Of-Date Information!

...and, you'd still have to run a time-consuming MANUAL SEARCH for any non-football and horse racing offers!

That’s why I’m practically giving this away to you today…

For a limited time only, you can gain INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Matched Betting Software, including all 3 Bonuses - for just £1 for 14 day trial.

What could an extra 2 hours of “free-time”
each night do for you?

You could spend that extra time with your friends and family, or actually WATCHING the game that you are betting on!

Click on the button below to take advantage of this introductory offer RIGHT NOW…

£1 trial for 14 days

£1 trial, then a payment of £98.97 + VAT in 14 days.
12 months access

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll save a load of time (and ultimately, make more money in less time) with this software that I’m willing to take ALL of the risk, and back it up with my

Here’s how the Guarantee works:

  • Try out the Matched Betting Software today.
  • Take it for a test-drive.
  • Start placing bets, and collecting your profits…
  • I want you to experience the money-machine that you’ve just unlocked!

It Will Be Your SECRET Betting Weapon!

But if for some reason this software doesn’t save you TONS of time…

If this DONE-FOR-YOU program isn’t everything it claims to be…

If you feel the investment just isn’t worth the infinite amount of bets that you can monetise on…

Heck, if you discover that it’s just not for you…

Contact our support team within 14 days of your purchase, and we'll cancel your order. No shenanigans.

But at least allow yourself 14 days to try the software, search for bets quickly & easily, and see if there’s a better software out there.

I promise you there isn’t.

Sound fair?

The most important part about this done-for-you software is that it’s always changing… always updating.

Because of how fast advances are in this industry, this introductory rate is being offered for a VERY limited time!

It’s crucial to stay a few steps ahead of the bookmakers to ensure the legitimacy of our efforts, and to stay ahead of any changes that are made in THEIR systems.

Matched Betting Software stays current on EVERYTHING you’ll need with regular updates.

But the incredible £1 for 14 days introductory rate won’t be available much longer. As the software gets updated, it will go back to its original price of £249 (and we can’t guarantee the 3 bonuses will be offered).

Those who own Matched Betting Software will have unrestricted 24/7 access for ALL future updates.

So I’m making this introductory offer available to you RIGHT NOW to decide if this is the right program for you.

If not, that’s okay, I’ll just offer it to the next guy on the list... who, if he takes advantage of this offer, will have far greater chances of getting the bets before you (you'll be left with the unprofitable odds matches).

This software is practically being given away right now.

You will not find a better deal, and most certainly won’t find a comparable software of the same quality.

So, click the button below, and experience the time-saving benefits for yourself!

£1 trial for 14 days

£1 trial, then a payment of £98.97 + VAT in 14 days.
12 months access
I Want To Help You WIN!

My goal is to help you find as many bets as possible, as QUICKLY as possible. That’s why this offer is so affordable.

If this software doesn’t save you a TON of time, or you don’t like the user interface, or you just aren’t “feeling” it…then just simply ask me to cancel your order.

My No-Hassle Promise To You:

If at any time within 14 days of your purchase you decide this just isn’t for you, then email my support staff, and let them know, and they will cancel your order.

No questions asked.

At only £1 for a 14 day trial, this is the LEAST amount of money that you can spend while expecting THIS high level of results in return.

You’ll receive over 5 software platforms in one, and the login credentials will be emailed to you immediately.

You’ll receive over £1,200 worth of value, and will get training on how to use each piece of software that will allow you to cut your search time, and maximise your profits to a whole new level in the sports betting arena.

Click the button below to get started NOW!

£1 trial for 14 days

£1 trial, then a payment of £98.97 + VAT in 14 days.
12 months access

PS. You’ll never find a better software guarantee in the online betting industry.

Any time within 14 days of purchase, you can cancel your order.

Once you try this software for yourself, you’ll want to hang onto it indefinitely.

PPS. At £1 for a 14 day trial, you won’t find a more affordable option that will give you the immense results you can expect to get with the Matched Betting Software you’re receiving today.

Don’t wait to find out we raised the price to £249, which will happen after our introductory period…

Click here to take advantage of this ONE TIME opportunity RIGHT NOW, and you’ll have access to an exclusive “Profit Maximiser Members ONLY” software that will finding and placing bets in a FRACTION of the time!

£1 trial for 14 days

£1 trial, then a payment of £98.97 + VAT in 14 days.
12 months access